Split Rail Fence Systems

A split rail fence is one of the most simple fence styles there is. Often chosen for their natural, wooden look, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation. This makes them durable against deterioration and preserves their appearance for years. A split-rail fence is an aesthetically-pleasing way to outline your property. It gives your property a rustic look while making it clear to others where your property begins.

2 & 3 Rail Split Rail Fencing
  • Rail Length: 11′
  • Spacings: 10.5′

  • Gates: 4′ and 5′ with hardware

  • Post Types: Rail Line, Rail End and Rail Corner
  • Extras: Pet-control mesh covering for bottom

2 & 3 Rail Split Rail
11' Rail
2-Rail Line Post
3-Rail Line Post
2-Rail End Post
3-Rail End Post
2-Rail Corner Post
3-Rail Corner Post
4' Wide Gate (w/ Hardware)
5' Wide Gate (w/ Hardware)
2" X 4" X 100' Mesh (Black/Green)
Lag Screw Male/Female Hinge - 1/2" X 4 1/2"
Split Rail Loop Latch - Kf

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