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PVC Vinyl Fence Systems

When the goal is to block sightlines, vinyl fences are commonly chosen for privacy reasons. Vinyl fences are solid, durable, and virtually maintenance-free. They are perfect for privacy because they are solid and completely block the view of your yard. We also offer alternative applications that mimic wood fences but are fabricated with recycled composite materials that come in different colors and styles. Plus, no painting or staining is required!

PVC Vinyl – 6′ White Privacy Fencing

6′ high white privacy fence and gates.

  • Std Heights: 4′, 5′, 6′
  • Rails: 2″ x 7″ Deco Top & Bottom Rail

  • Pickets: 7/8″ x 7″ T&G w/side U Channel
  • Posts: 5″ x 5″
  • Pool Code: 4′, 5′, 6′

  • Colors: White, Almond, Gray, Adobe, Embossm Streak, Streak & Emboss

PVC Vinyl - 6' White Privacy Fencing
6' White Privacy Panel
Line Post
End Post
Corner Post
Blank Post
Standard Cap
Gothic Gap
Federation Cap
3' Wide Gate
4' Wide Gate
5' Wide Gate
5" Aluminum I Beam
Self-Closing Hinges
2-Way Lockable Latch
2-Way Keyed Latch
Gate Handle
36" Drop Bar

Ornamental Fence Systems

Ornamental fencing is the perfect way to add character and elegance to your property while still providing heightened security and marking property lines. Chosen because of its attractiveness and charm, it’s also a cost-effective purchase all-around offering impressive durability, minimum maintenance needs, and increased security. Ornamental fencing can come in numerous colors, and property owners can find a style that perfectly fits their home’s architecture from contemporary to traditional.

Ornamental Fencing
  • Residential: 48″ high and 54″ high

  • Commercial: 60″ high

  • Gate Options: Single Straight Top, Single Arch Top
  • Colors & Materials: Black Aluminum

48" Residential Aluminum – 2-Rail
72"W X 54"H Black Panel
2" Line Post
2" End Post
2" Corner Post
2" Blank Post
2" HW Gate End Post
4' Wide Gate
4' Wide Arched Gate
5' Wide Gate
54" Residential Aluminum – 3-Rail
72"W X 54"H Black Panel
2" Line Post
2" End Post
2" Corner Post
2" Blank Post
2" HW Gate End Post
4' Wide Gate
4' Wide Arched Gate
5' Wide Gate
60" Commercial Aluminum – 3-Rail
96"W X 54"H Black Panel
2.5" Line Post
2.5" End Post
2.5" Corner Post
2.5" Blank Post
2.5" HW Gate End Post
4' Wide Gate
4' Wide Arched Gate
5' Wide Gate
Ornamental Gate Hardware
Self-Closing Hinges
10" Pull Up Latch
20" Pull Up Latch
Drop Bar
Commercial Flat Bracket
Commercial Swivel Bracket
Residential Flat Bracket
Residential Swivel Bracket
2" Post Cap
2.5" Post Cap

Split Rail Fence Systems

A split rail fence is one of the most simple fence styles there is. Often chosen for their natural, wooden look, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation. This makes them durable against deterioration and preserves their appearance for years. A split-rail fence is an aesthetically-pleasing way to outline your property. It gives your property a rustic look while making it clear to others where your property begins.

2 & 3 Rail Split Rail Fencing
  • Rail Length: 11′
  • Spacings: 10.5′

  • Gates: 4′ and 5′ with hardware
  • Post Types: Rail Line, Rail End and Rail Corner

  • Extras: Pet-control mesh covering for bottom

2 & 3 Rail Split Rail
11' Rail
2-Rail Line Post
3-Rail Line Post
2-Rail End Post
3-Rail End Post
2-Rail Corner Post
3-Rail Corner Post
4' Wide Gate (w/ Hardware)
5' Wide Gate (w/ Hardware)
2" X 4" X 100' Mesh (Black/Green)
Lag Screw Male/Female Hinge - 1/2" X 4 1/2"
Split Rail Loop Latch - Kf

Tools & Supplies

Dennison Supply has all the necessary fixtures, hardware, and tools you need for a one-stop-shop experience. High-quality small and large fencing tools, accessories, and more from top brands are available to help you keep your project running smoothly.

Dennison Supply can help you get the job done.

Various tools available:

  • Hand tools, including fence stretching tools
  • Wheelbarrows, rakes, shovels, post hole diggers, and bars
  • String line, paint, measuring tapes, and levels
Item Description
1 1/2" Bypass Lopper with 24" Handles
10" Fence Pliers
18" Pipe Wrench
3" White Bristle Chip Brush
3" x 16" Rounded End Finishing Trowel
4 lb. Engineer Hammer
5" x 16" Rounded Trowel
Maasdam - Fence Stretcher Tool
Maasdam - Wire Grip Tool
Item Description
10" x 10" Steel Tamper
12 lb. Sledgehammer with 36" Fiberglass Handle
17 lb. Digging Bar
17 lb. Digging Bar with Chisel and Diamond Points
18" Broom with 60" Fiberglass Handle
18" Broom with 5" Stiff Bristles and 60" Fiberglass Handle
18" Snow Shovel with 43" Fiberglass Handle
2.5 lb. Pick Mattock with 36" Wood Handle
20" x 4" Concrete Placer with 60" Fiberglass Handle
24" Broom with 60" Fiberglass Handle
24" Snow Pusher with 45" Fiberglass Handle
3" Square Tube Post Pounder
36" Broom with 60" Fiberglass Handle
5" Box Mixer, 7/16" Hex Shank, 24" Long
5 lb. Pick Mattock with 36" Fiberglass Handle
6 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow, All Steel with 1 Flat Free Tire
6 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow, All Steel with 2 Flat Free Tires
6 Cu. Ft. Wheelbarrow, Wood Handles with 1 Knobby Tire
7" Scraper with 51" Fiberglass Handle
Atlas Style Post Hole Diggers with 48" Wood Handles
Drain Spade Shovel with 29" Fiberglass Handle
Flat Shovel with 48" Fiberglass Handle
Forged 16" 16 Tine Rake with 60" Fiberglass Handle
Hercules Pattern Post Hole Diggers with 48" Fiberglass Handles
Hercules Pattern Post Hole Diggers with 96" Fiberglass Handles
Morter Hoe with 60" Fiberglass Handle
Pointed Shovel with 48” Wood Handle
Pointed Shovel with 48" Fiberglass Handle
Puljak - 4'
Square Shovel with 48" Wood Handle
Standard Puljak
Maasdam - Post Puller
Item Description
3' Circumference Measuring Wheel
4' Circumference Measuring Wheel
9 ga. EZ Twist Tool
Keson 10" Magnetic Torpedo Level
Keson 100' Tape Measure
Keson 200' Fiberglass Measuring Wheel
Keson 25' Rubber Coated Tape Measure
Keson 300' Measuring Tape
Keson 35' Wide Taped Tape Measure
Keson 8" Torpedo Level
Keson Box-Beam Magnetic Level Set (78" & 32")
Keson Handheld Paint Applicator w/ Wheel
Keyson I-Beam 24" Level
Keson I-Beam 48" Level
Keson Line Level
Keson Little Giant Chalk Line Reel
Maasdam – 1-Ton Power Pull
Maasdam - 2-Ton Power Pull

Special Orders & Delivery

Special orders include anything not shown as an in-stock item. Special orders for vinyl, ornamental, split rail, chain link, and most any other fence products are available upon request with specific lead times from the manufacturer. Delivery available; fees based on mileage.

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