A Guide To Residential Fencing Applications

As homeowners and property managers look to reap the many benefits of implementing a residential fencing system around their property—from safety, security and privacy to landscape and pet protection as well as aesthetic enhancement—there are many options available for consideration. In order to choose the right type of fencing for your specific residential application, it’s important to understand the characteristics of each one and how those attributes fit into your individual fencing needs and preferences.

Fencing materials span a wide array of types, all variable by aspects like cost, durability level and installation process. It’s paramount to examine these options to determine which one will complement the look of your property (and elevate its value), fit your practical requirements and match your budget. Here at Dennison Supply, we can accommodate many kinds of residential fencing product needs, and we carry four of the most common types in stock. Let’s take a look at how these systems break down in terms of suitability for various residential fencing applications.

PVC Vinyl Fence Systems

When the goal is to block sightlines, it’s best to opt for a privacy fence with no gaps. That is why vinyl fences are commonly chosen for privacy reasons. PVC vinyl fence systems are solid, durable and virtually maintenance-free.

Because of their solidity and lack of spacing between the slats on each panel, they support a high level of privacy. They can completely block the view of your yard or property area with continuous coverage around the perimeter.

As an added bonus, there’s no painting or staining required for maintaining this type of fencing. Most commonly available in white, the material does well in all types of climates, and it’s a more affordable option than many other variations of iron and wood fencing systems (including the savings accounted for such low maintenance). Since PVC is not treated with chemicals, it is also non-toxic and offers an eco-friendly advantage.

Ornamental Fence Systems

Ornamental fencing is the perfect way to add character and elegance to your property while still providing heightened security and marking property lines. Chosen because of its attractiveness and charm, it elegantly features the look of wrought iron while retaining cost-effectiveness.

This type of fencing system accommodates a multitude of architectural and landscaping designs, and it can even work well on a sloped property. Ornamental fencing comes in numerous colors, and property owners can find a style that perfectly fits their home’s aesthetic— from contemporary to traditional. While ornamental fencing does not provide the level of privacy that some residential applications require, it does serve to increase security, delineate the property’s perimeter and even enhance the appearance of the space.

All-around ornamental fencing offers impressive durability, as it is made from high-quality aluminum or steel. That makes it rust-proof and resistant to many types of environmental conditions. Requiring very minimal maintenance, the fencing’s construction also renders it fully recyclable.

Larger and stronger than residential grade options, an ornamental commercial-grade fence is commonly used as a general perimeter fence. This style is an excellent choice for playgrounds, community pools and around a home or business. To kick up the elegance and charm factors, some owners choose to add decorative scrolls and finials.

Split Rail Fence Systems

A split rail fence is one of the most simple fence styles out there. Often chosen for their natural, rustic look, split rail fencing materials are given special treatment before installation. This makes them durable against deterioration and preserves their appearance for years.

Minimal in design, a split-rail fence can still be an aesthetically pleasing way to outline your property. Since this option is typically more affordable than solid wood fencing systems, it may be well suited to particularly large areas of space.

Of course, this type of fencing is not the ideal choice when a certain amount of privacy or security is needed, and it does not offer the capacity to fully enclose children and pets. It can, however, contain livestock, provide a visual perimeter around your property and contribute to the rustic charm often associated with cabins, cottages, farmhouses and similar types of homes.

Chain Link Fence Systems

High on the meter for practicality and affordability, chain link fencing is among the least expensive to install and can certainly save you a great deal compared to other fencing systems. With varying heights, different gauges and a range of color coatings, this fencing can be customized for a variety of applications.

When properly installed, this fencing doesn’t require much maintenance at all. There’s no need to reapply paint or stain, and there’s little to no upkeep involved. Thanks to galvanized, aluminized or vinyl coating, it won’t rust or gather dirt. The installation process is a relatively quick and easy one, as are any repairs you may need down the road.

There’s not a high level of privacy associated with chain link fencing, but it can be advantageous when visibility is necessary. This type of fence is also incredibly tough, as it’s made from interlocking coated steel wire. Therefore, the strong steel of a chain-link fence can create a formidable barrier and support enhanced security.

At Dennison Supply, we carry each of these fencing systems—PVC privacy panels, ornamental, wood split rail, and galvanized and black vinyl-coated chain link—in stock, in addition to all the necessary fixtures, hardware and tools needed to get the job done. Those interested in variations from our industry-leading manufacturers can special-order products that fit their needs, and our experienced team is here to help every step of the way.

For more information about our fencing system options, check out our product catalog or contact us for a quote.